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MarceloBritto asked 5 months ago

Hi, I am publishing a website made in MUSEPAGES on my hosting but when I upload the site and try to send an email I receive an error message. How can I solve this issue?

The error is:

Object not found!
The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.
If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 404

Thanks a lot!

2 Answers
musepages Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

The contact forms work without any issues if you publish your website on our server via subdomain or connect your own domain, however, when you download the website, Musepages builder generates static pages. In order to use the contact form, the website should use PHP code for that form. It worked.

I will try to guide you and provide a step by step instructions. It’s not hard, but it will take some time:

1. Download the website
2. In the main root folder with pages add a file that attached to the answer contact_form.php
3. Open a web page with the contact form in the HTML editor and find the form action and add the name of the attached file in the form. It should look like this <form action="contact_form.php" ... />
4. Copy and paste this code <input style="display: none;" name="submit" type="text" value="" /> anywhere between <form/>...</form/> and save the file.
5. Open contact_form.php in the HTML editor and change some data. There are comments for your convenience. You need to add your email address, the subject and redirection page/site. Save the file.

That’s it! You should upload all your files on your hosting and test.

Hope that works.

The Team @ Musepages

MarceloBritto answered 5 months ago

Hi! First at all, thank you so much by this fantastic support! This is awesome on Beta and i can´t hold on to see full version.
I followed your steps one by one, the error message don´t come anymore, the action now is working and i get redirected to destination page i wont, but… The email never arrives. I tried my personal mail and the mails of the hosting i using. Next time I’ll host with you to don´t have this problem. But this time, can you analyse, please, where i´m making mistakes with my code?
I´ll will send HTML code and .PHP code i´m using here, on pasted text, whith my changes following your steps. I have to change something more that i missed?
Since now, thanks a lot again and sorry for my english and ignorance to resolve this alone. I´m not a webdesinger with codes knowledges and just use Adobe Muse before Musepaages.

musepages Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi there,

If the redirection works, then the form should deliver your message. Please double check your email you added into the PHP file or check your Spam folder.

Please don’t paste your code here. It comes “broken”.